AI that makes sense.

At SOTAI, we're on a mission to make artificial intelligence transparent and accessible. We are building tools for training interpretable machine learning models to give you the capabilities of black-box models without the black box. Now you can finally understand and control how and why your AI makes predictions.

ML models you can trust for key decisions

How can you make decisions with AI if you don't understand how or why your models make predictions?

Transparency and interpretability are critical components of trustworthy machine learning models. Our models give every data scientist the ability to constrain model outputs based on their domain expertise and gain insights into how certain features impact predictions.

By reducing the risk of unknown outcomes, SOTAI empowers businesses to make AI-assisted decisions with ease and confidence.

Our team

We are a team of passionate individuals with a shared vision of making machine learning easier to use and easier to understand. Our co-founders, William and Linus, are former Google employees looking to use their extensive experience in machine learning research and product development to build interpretable machine learning solutions that exceed your expectations.

During his time at Google, William researched state-of-the-art interpretable machine learning systems, but he found that the process of implementing these models in products was inefficient. Product teams should be able to directly capitalize on their domain expertise without needing to rely on a separate research team — let alone the research team that created the technology.

We're dedicated to building a culture where incredibly smart and talented individuals can come together to build super cool and impactful products. We place a strong emphasis on transparency, accountability, kindness, and mutual respect.

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William Bakst
Co-Founder &
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Co-Founder &
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Brendan Kao
Full-Stack Engineer
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Jim Nguyen
Full-Stack Engineer
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Guy Fighel
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Chris Schagen

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Anyone interested in ML constrained optimization, interpretability, and explainability is welcome!
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